26 May 2013

Getting Jiggy With It

So, it's 4am and I just finished writing my first sex scene.

I lied.  It's not really my first, but it's the first I'm using in this story and the first time I've sat down to write it while simultaneously pretending to know what I was doing.

I sat down at my computer at about 1am with a full bottle of white wine and wrote the entire 5th chapter, ending it with a bang.  Literally and figuratively speaking, of course.

Somehow I was able to drunkenly stumble through the scene and I think i did a pretty decent job of it.  I hope so anyway.  I instantly sent it off via e-mail to a friend of mine who was sitting at work, bored and looking for more of my story to read (LOVE my friends).

So now I'm sitting here, desperately awaiting her input on my erotic love scene.  But now I face embarrassing questions that I'm going to have to ask her.  The most important being: "How did it affect your lady bits?"  Because, after all, you can't have a good sex scene without it affecting the reader in one way or another.  And hopefully their response, like sex in real life, isn't one of giggles or vomiting.  Now THAT would be embarrassing.

Now, as she instructed me when I talked to her a couple minutes ago, I'll put the alcohol down (if there was any left) and start focusing on chapter 6 instead of boring y'all to death.

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