23 December 2014

Sweet Reviews

Let me just start out by saying "Wow". I was sitting down this evening to continue editing the second novel in the Netherworld Series and in the spirit of procrastination, I googled myself. I do that sometimes. Anyway, what I found was absolutely exhilarating for me. Reviews. Oh, the sweet reviews.

I've known about the ones on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel for some time, but what I found was a little (and awesome) site called Night Owl Reviews. And thus I found my first professional review. I even got this cute little sticker next to it:

Now that I'm floating on Cloud 9, I suppose I should get back to work. This book isn't going to edit itself.

Happy Reading!

02 December 2014


For the past month (or maybe two), my house has been under construction. Like the good procrastinator that I am, I find that I cannot work in messy conditions. Of course this only happens when I have a deadline to meet. When I do force myself to sit down and write, I haven't been very productive. I peck out a few paragraphs and then I almost immediately delete them. Garbage. Who would want to read that crap?

I have thrown out two rough drafts when they were almost completed and have started over yet again on a new manuscript. We'll see how this one plays out. Luckily for me I'm ahead of schedule. The manuscript I'm wrestling with belongs to the fourth book. But what about the second book you ask? Good news. It's finished. Sort of.

So maybe I have several more hours that I need to devote to editing it. Again. And maybe I've been putting that off too since my house has started this total renovation. With less than a month to go before Christmas. It begs the question, what was I thinking?!

Well, whatever. What's done is done and I just have to find the...patience(?)...discipline(?)...MOTIVATION to get everything done without significantly increasing my blood pressure. So my goal for today is to find that rough draft of the second book I need to finish working on (I know it's around here somewhere) and get a few more pages under my belt.  Just as soon as I clean off this dining room table. And maybe organize my bookshelf (arranged by genre>alphabetical>order of release, of course).

Wish me luck.

05 November 2014


Once Bitten is out and available for order! I can't even begin to describe how excited I am. This is a dream come true. I'm sure every new author says the exact same thing, but it's the truth.

If anyone is interested (and I hope you are), Once Bitten is available from most online retailers including directly from the Secret Cravings website, Amazon, B&N, Apple iBooks, and more.

22 October 2014


Once Bitten is now available for pre-order. It's up on Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance E-books, and directly through the  Secret Cravings website. The book will be released 11/4!!!!

12 October 2014

Once Bitten Cover Reveal

I have some excellent news! Once Bitten is set for release on 11/4, so make sure you mark the day on your calendars. It should be available for pre-order before then, so keep an eye out for it.

And just because I'm nice and I can't keep this to myself anyway, here's the cover!

21 July 2014


I guess all of the negativity in my last post was for nothing because I have some awesome news: I'M GETTING PUBLISHED!

I'll share more information as I learn it. Stay tuned!

27 June 2014


While I originally intended to self-publish, I have decided (with some prompting) to attempt traditional publishing first. It's a scary feeling to know that I will probably be rejected. After all, who gets accepted the first time they submit something?

Naturally I feel as if everyone should love my books. After all, I put in hours upon hours of time. Blood, sweat, tears. All of this is combined into one little manuscript that has a word count of 67,519. This is my baby. I've nurtured it, helped it grow. Why wouldn't anyone love is as much as I do?

But ultimately I'm a realist. So now I'm just waiting for the rejection letters to start rolling in. Will it get me down? Probably. Will it stop me from pursuing my dream? Absolutely not. After all, I'm a writer and this is part of the job description.

25 January 2014

Shut up and FOCUS

Today has been interesting. My mind has been racing with plot lines and supporting characters. I have fallen into the pit of overwhelming stories and supporting characters that demand to be their own protagonist when what I really need to be focusing on is one book at a time.

I'm working on Book 2 in the Netherworld series and I find myself suffering from writer's block. I happen to have the opinion that writer's block is just the manifestation of not knowing in which direction to take the plot. I have retreated to my outlines, which I have now decided that I do not like. There are so many things that can be added or changed that will positively impact the story and make it more interesting. But I'm stumbling over how to pull them off successfully.

I guess I'm exactly like my friend Candace claims: a perfectionist. My books need to be perfect or as perfect as I can make them. And it's not, therefore I must fix it. Now. My characters deserve more than just some slapped together plot line that takes the story where I need it to go in the series. I can still do that, but I have to make this story stand on it's own as well. Tricky stuff.

I can't do anything without it impacting the next five books in one way or another. I can modify some things, but nothing big. Luckily the story doesn't need a big overhaul. Just small tweeks and manipulations. But they're big enough to be a giant pain in the ass.

I'm finding that the best course of action is to not force it and leave it to the back of my mind to be pondered on later. And all of the additional stories that are begging to be acknowledged? Yeah, they'll just have to wait. Of course that's easier said than done. It's one of the many facets of being a writer, I suppose.

10 January 2014

Once Bitten

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe that 2013 is over and we've now moved on to 2014. Although 2013 mostly sucked, it's sad to say goodbye. 2014, on the other hand, is going to be a kick-ass year! I've already decided. And when I decide something, it happens. Usually.

My first piece of brilliant news for 2014 is that my first book finally has a title! Once Bitten will be released in May as long as I can stay on schedule. And so far, so good. I can thank my friend Amy for the title, since I never would've thought of it on my own. I must say, it fits the book perfectly. Thank you, Amy!

My next bit of news is that I have finished the fourth (?) or fifth (?) round of editing and am taking a small break while someone else edits my edits (tee-hee) so I can bring y'all a superior product. Maybe not superior, but at least one free from errors. Or as free from errors that I can possibly make it. I am also working on book 2 of the series and am almost half-way through the first draft. It'll definitely need a lot of TLC when it's completed, but it's coming along nicely.

The next few months will be a race to the finish line for me. I'll finish school and release my first book in May, both of which I'm excited about. Yup, 2014 is going to rock hard. And I'm looking forward to every minute of it.