27 June 2014


While I originally intended to self-publish, I have decided (with some prompting) to attempt traditional publishing first. It's a scary feeling to know that I will probably be rejected. After all, who gets accepted the first time they submit something?

Naturally I feel as if everyone should love my books. After all, I put in hours upon hours of time. Blood, sweat, tears. All of this is combined into one little manuscript that has a word count of 67,519. This is my baby. I've nurtured it, helped it grow. Why wouldn't anyone love is as much as I do?

But ultimately I'm a realist. So now I'm just waiting for the rejection letters to start rolling in. Will it get me down? Probably. Will it stop me from pursuing my dream? Absolutely not. After all, I'm a writer and this is part of the job description.

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